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Racism and Discrimination: A California Portuguese-American Perspective (2)

Thanks to all who joined he second Virtual Forum put forth by the California Portuguese-American Coalition with collaboration from the Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute from Fresno State. The forum was held on August the 12th at 6PM (Pacific Standard Time). We thanks the outstanding panel. For almost 2 hours we discussed various aspects of today’s American society as it relates to our community. The panelists are all young Portuguese-Americans who have a variety of views and perspectives. The forum is archive on YouTube so do take a look. We thank the Luso-America Development Foundation (FALD) for sponsoring these events. These are a first in the Portuguese-American Community in the USA.

The panelists:

Top: David Garcia-San Jose, Monique Vallance-Modesto and Michael Souza-Castro Valley

Bottom: Amanda da Rosa-San Diego, Diniz Borges-Tulare (moderador), Rose B. Martins-San Francisco.

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