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Happy New Year from all of us at the California Portuguese-American Coalition

2023 promises to be yet another fruitful year for the Portuguese-American community in California as we discover more Americans of Portuguese ancestry in public service. We will also start a list of Portuguese-Americans in our state in appointed positions, from planning commissions to school administrators and private industry. We need your help. Please e-mail us if you serve in an appointed position at any level or have details of any who has been appointed to any of these positions. This will take a village and will be another CPAC community grassroots endeavor sponsored by the Luso-American Development Foundation, FLAD. Please contact us at

As with the recent "discovery" of Congressman Eric Swalwell. take a look at this article by the Luso-Americano Newspaper, and the outstanding journalist Henrique Mano, verifying the Portuguese ancestry of the congressman with roots in the Azores and in Madeira.


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