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Guidelines set forth by our state and local elected officials during this pandemic crisis

The California Portuguese-American Coalition (CPAC) would like to ask all Californians of Portuguese ancestry to please follow the guidelines set forth by our state and local elected officials during this pandemic crisis. It is important to stay safe and healthy. We want to thank all the Portuguese-American organizations throughout the state, especially the Portuguese halls, who have been very conscientious throughout this entire process, canceling events and venues even before the governor’s moratorium. We have been using our social media pages to keep everyone informed.

In such a trying time for all of us, we would like to ask that our entire community be proactive. This is an important time to have a seat at the table and help in your local community. There is an amalgam of tasks forces being put forth and our community must be represented. Thanks to all who have taken that important step.

The California Portuguese-American Coalition has been in contract with our Portuguese-American elected officials and they are aware that we are here to assist. The Portuguese-American elected officials are key to our community.

We are also in contact with the Portuguese Diplomatic Corp in the United States, namely with the Consul General of Portugal in San Francisco and all the honorary consuls, as we follow the events in Portugal, through the diplomatic channels and through our partnership with the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD). We thank FLAD for sponsoring CPAC and our efforts to build this network of elected Portuguese-Americans in California, most important in these times of uncharted territory when our community needs to have a multitude of voices in California.

We also want to acknowledge and thank those Californians of Portuguese ancestry who are in the health care field. Thanks for being on the frontlines of this crisis and for your unwavering dedication. You are very appreciated.

We will utilize much of the space in our website and our social media pages to give updated information to our community about the situation in California and in Portugal.

As it has been asked by many in public service, lets practice the guidelines issued by the state during this COVID-19 crisis, please stay healthy and safe, please lend a helping hand to our elderly Portuguese-American population and by all means lets be a voice for civility and healing.

Board of Directors

California Portuguese American Coalition

Updated Information from the state of California

General information for our Portuguese-American nonprofit organizations

California Department of Public Health - Office of Public Affairs

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