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Meet Your Portuguese-American Elected Officials in California: Dan Tavares Arriola

Dan Tavares Arriola has just been elected to the city council in Tract. He is a Tracy School Board Trustee and a Deputy District Attorney for San Joaquin County. After graduating from West High School, Dan continued to pursue his education and graduated as the Political Science Valedictorian of UCLA in 2011 and as the Student Body President of USC Law School in 2014. When he is not advocating for justice in San Joaquin County, Dan is very active in the community and serves on several local boards and commissions. Dan founded the Young Professionals of Tracy, and he also sits on the Board of Directors for the Tracy Chamber of Commerce, and the OneTLC School for Homeless Children.

As a School Board Trustee, Dan has advocated for youth in our community and notably organized the first-ever Student Town Hall for Student Safety in the City of Tracy. Dan continues to fight for issues concerning our city’s youth including student engagement, school safety, diversity and equity rights, and the reformation of student disciplinary action.

Dan looks forward to continuing to support our community as a Tracy City Council Member. He was just elected to the Council. He is 28 years old and very proud of his Portuguese ancestry.

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